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Who We Service?

 Entrepreneurs*Community Leaders *For Profit and Non-for Profit

What We Do?

Based on an Emotional Intelligence approach, our Goal is to help you find your target audience, increase your network and encourage productive relationships in the community

How we Do It?

 We develop projects that enhance your existing resources strengthen areas of opportunities and display your products and services in front of an audience. 

Business Nature Walks with Purpose! 

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Emotional Intelligence and Diversity in the Workplace 


From Homeless to Millionaire 

How Dani Johnson Defeated Failure and Propelled to Success

Looking at Dani standing in front of a podium today could not give you a clue that at some point she was broke, homeless and struggling with addictions. Dani Johnson’s story is more common than you might think. She is one of those unique leaders who did not let her circumstances darken her desire to achieve greatness. Read more...

The Citrus Club Orlando and their Health Committee, invited Dr. Wanda Bonet Gascot to speak to their members and guest about the principals of emotional intelligence and how it can impact personal growth, mental and physical health. Read more






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Business Start-up 

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Write a Bullet Proof Business Plan

"A 'Bullet Proof' business plan allows you to secure money, investments, collaborations, partnerships.  attract A plus players and better candidates for human resources".-Mark Aylward

Empowering Small Business

Ocoos is helping small businesses spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about internet and technology. 

The Emotional Intelligence concept defines interpersonal skills, social skills, emotions and behaviors as controllable intelligence that can determine the level of success we have in personal and professional relationships.

If you are not using Video Marketing to Make a Direct "Call of Action" to your Audience, you are missing out on an unlimited opportunity to grow your organization. Click here for more info

Dare to Be a Community Difference Maker

Family and friends are left behind wondering what happened, how such tragedy could have taken place.

Is Lupus Invisible in our School System?

Anatalie Porte Dean, Founder of Hope with Lupus Foundation attended  last March, a Lupus Awareness Seminar at The Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL.  The seminar was sponsored by the Lupus Foundation of Florida, Lupus Research Institute and UCF College of Nursing.

Community Leader Fight Against Hunger

Founder of New Beginning Children Aid Mission, Cynthia Martin is on a serious quest to end hunger. Cynthia has vast experience with non for profit organizations and community developing programs both in Florida and Internationally.  Her mission is to end hunger, break poverty strongholds and provide support to families in need during life hardships. 

3 Keys to the Success of Start-up Companies.

  • Build the Right Team- The most important one is to start the company with the right people with the right creative ideas.
  • Define your Product/Service-Understand the need you are fulfilling and define your products and services accordingly. 
  • Keep a Budget-Spending the lowest amounts of money possible.       
  • With sufficient attention devoted to these three key principals, a starting company is bound to leap to success. It can be pointed out that all the three components of the strife for success are doable and achievable. The factor that can further boost the efforts of start-ups owners is the feasibility of attaining affluence, so that is an added incentive

Recent studies have revealed that obesity costs billions of dollars in health treatments, but the cost of obesity its only part of the problem. Daily activities like going up the stairs or tightening your shoes or even play time with the kids, can become a burden when your health and weight are not balanced.

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Rollins University Non Profit Guard Shares 10 Best Practices for Your Fundraiser

The weather is on your side- Florida means, sunshine and cooler temperatures, making the outdoors very attractive and more comfortable. Plan events where participants can enjoy the weather as they gather to support your mission.

Food for the Soul-Take advantage of the seasonal harvest, and food related events are a hit during this time of the year. Chili contest and bake sales can attract a crowd and provide the necessary income to support organization’s programs.

Service and Support- This time of year, people are in seeking services to make the holiday season more effective. House cleaning, child care while parents are shopping or having a date night, gift wrapping, are all great ideas for fundraising events. Seek partnerships from community leaders that can donate their expertise and auction those items for the non-profit organization.

Little here, little there- Contributions don’t always have to come in bulk or from big donors. Smaller donations and smaller supporters add up and can make an impact on the long run.

Party over here- Instead of planning a costly and time consuming gala, choose smaller gatherings with a casual atmosphere where attendants can relax and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Showcase event- Host a party where you can offer wine tasting, or food sampling. Schools are big on auctions and showcasing local businesses. The organization can benefit from the ticket price and items sales.

A Different type of giving- Share your mission; have family and friends request donations for the organization instead of wedding and birthday presents.

Creative planning-Encourage volunteers and employees to come up with fun ideas for a fundraiser.

Match the Gift- Let your supporters know that they can invite their employers to match their giving. Make sure you keep proper paper work for this effort.

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"Great site for entrepreneurs!"-Donnel Blackman-Community Leader /HR Expert & Entrepreneur

Gallery Fresh Art Markets at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall the 2nd Sunday of every month
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Boone Fowler

“Omg!!!  You got me!! I could not have said it better!!”- Deb Disney, CEO at Flaming Phoenix, In regards to Business Nature publicity colaboration for Flaming Phoenix, Forbes Magazine interview.


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